Wish away, another shooting star

Distant childhood hopes, fading out of view

Lying there on the blanket, gazing afar

Discussions of life, until ours faces were blue

Slipping away from the stresses of life 

Spreading laughs and music into the night

Hearing stories, forgiving past strife 

Discord of the big picture, out of sight 

Mighty, our passion to lend a hand 

Solving the problems for the less fortunate 

Speaking of justice, declaring a firm stand 

Falling in that moment, just a little bit

Seeing the heart of this porcelain moon 

Glow like the sun on a morning dew 

Galaxies, atoms, even a bug cocoon 

Talking, listening, all I want, from you


“Believe the Dream”

Swept up, floating along, and dropped on my face,
Patience, it’s a virtue to finishing the race,
Winning is not always the goal,
Learning from mistakes, bettering this fool,
Statues of the historical iconic figures gives proof to that thought,
Education, preparation, risk to find reward or fall and not be caught,
Climb back on the horse, find your ground, and hold your head high,
Try, it’s the only way to know; if we wouldn’t, regretful is how we’d die
Take a moment, close your eyes, day dream,
Passion, desire, the unbelievable, unattainable, just believe in your dream…

Dreams can come true