Soft and quaint, lips pursued to the ear

Sending subtle signs down your spine 

Slight touch of the shoulder cuff 

Blush as she cups my head, serenading to hear




Smile, it’s a beautiful day to be alive

Smoke clouds are rolling through the baby blue sky

Light it up with them lips, your cheeks, it makes me geek

Weak, cause an angel made me see the light I seek

Heartbeat in my throat, thought I was gonna choke

Then I heard that voice; loving the way you spoke

Listening like a best friend, speaking freely with such ease

Responsibilities take you, “just a couple more minutes please

I’m caught on every word, no judging, nothing misheard

To think you were missing this friend in your life, is absurd

Every time you laugh, I’m giggling like a teenage crush

Blood rush, my adrenaline pumping, you make me blush

Time trickles away, unaware; we are spending hours together today

Wrapping your arms around me, I feel your comfort and want to stay

Before I say goodbye I just want to see one thing, so I say

Smile… You’re an angel , and I’ll see you another day