“that Smile”

Wake me up, I’m dreaming
Apple cheeks, nectar sweet
Light as a feather, beaming
Unbutton one, release the heat
Absent minded, innocent

Focused; I can pretend
Admiring; my only intent
“Hi,” sheesh, heart attack to fend
Breath, you baboon, say it back
Smile awkwardly, blah, faaaack
Silence of an idiot
Bridging fist to face, nope, stone cold
Bold, she looks me up and down
Shakes her head, amused
Confused, as only an absent mind can be
I shrug, what was that, rejected, fact
Unable to signal my tongue, I smile
Beaming all my thoughts in a cheesy grin
No Clooney here, just a small town boy
Looking for his way in this big world
Respect, she chuckles, probably at me
Choking out a “hi-ya” like a rejected cassette
All the energy in the room, stood there, her
She radiates with a calm aura, joyous
Never was much for church
Witnessing an angel on earth
If at all was possible, I felt this was it
Standing there, snapping out of my trance
She disappeared, while I day dreamed
Though I still felt her aura, her smile


An so it goes again… A tragic slip, a tumbling flip, a spiraling twist into the abyss. Reach up, hoping for a hand and all I find is my own mind reminding me of who I am. A tutor of mistakes, a degenerate waiting to learn to behave. One day they said, one day it’ll just click. Click, click, what?! No bang is coming at the end of this. Despite the depressed mess that I confess, the sense to end is a tick tock in the grand design of life’s clock. A conscious thought, itching to rip through the skin, a scab picked and left on the finger tip. Scratch deep enough, and the inside we all are looking for is exposed. Soul bending and heart heavy, the tides of eternity wash ashore in a dreamland unfathomed.


“The Tale (part 2)


“The Tale (part 2)”

Etched on the bark, a memory left behind to be the sign for the future prospects of love

Mind absent, under the shade of a tree, a poet sits and writes from the heart, so it be

“I, for thee, will do anything, should it make you happy.”

Love or lust, a trust that that evil hasn’t gotten the best of us

Yearning, when the feeling of ignited passion is deserted

Jilted, leaving future prospects with a poet languid of their time

Ubiquea memory or moment flashes behind my eyes

Reminisce, simple bliss that I miss; one amongst many on the list

Adhering to the practical, a place of comfort; so desolate from the world
Chasing hopes and wishes, a dreamer by design, with a fragile state of mind

Karma’s beautiful balance, carving a future forged from his feeling and past

Obscurity, dwelling plains for the tale of a poet; his heart longs

“Promise Me…”

By: James Fristik IV


Say it will be alright, promise me tonight

Say it will be okay, promise me today

Promise, everything will be all right

Promise, I keep the ones I make


Lie down and share the secrets, be the feeling that’s been missing

Put your hands to mine, tell me now; feel the pulse of your heart beat

Promises, more intimate than the lips embrace before kissing

Bridging concern with a counselor, where hope brings people to meet

Believing that sharing this deep trust with another, has meaning

Relying on the other person to be faithful to their word

Promises, like a lover’s kiss, can leave a smile that’s beaming

Truth and trust; a bond to follow up on, of what you just heard


Promises, broken by the very people closest; hurting us

Whether forgotten or devalued, trust begins to fade

I try not to promise, when I’m falling for someone via lust

Never made a promise, while I was getting laid

Once broken, our thoughts are, it’ll always be the same

Words stringed together, with no guarantee that it will be

Mislabeled a lie, as guys try to promise into the pants of a dame

Promises are a bond, a trust that you and I have chosen to agree


Say it will be alright, promise me tonight

Say it will be okay, promise me today

Promise, everything will be all right

Promises, I keep the ones I make


“The Lake”

eyes on the lake

Down by the lake with the tackle box and bait

Sun disappears behind the distant tree line

A painters sky stays behind, and the fishers wait

Bobbers floating, bullfrogs croaking; the peace is divine

Night crawlers, Minos, and lily pads

Fresh cut grass, corn fields, and nature’s mass

Young kids restless, while poles are prepared by dads

Sinkers, hooks, and a case of beer to make it last

Fishing until the sun tells us it’s getting late

Down by the lake with the tackle box and bait




“The Tale” (part 1)



S’was a beacon of felicity

A gaze of alluring mystery

Tickling the molecules of thy being

Releasing endorphins; freeing

A delight, weather light or night

Tantalizing in voice and sight

Catching breath – exhale, inhale

Thy poet’s heart, a bleeding tale


“Here they come, only to go

Busy lives, no time of their own

Children, family, and future plans

Busy lives, no time of their own”


Caught up in a fire storm, smoldering ashes float over head

Warmth on my finger tips, an anarchist with a pen

Tight lips, closed eyes, in deep thought

Respect, listen… shut up and repeat

Money has us burying our dreams in piggy banks

Waiting for a ‘break’ to go and chase our passion

Freedom’s cost? Slavery… hour by hour, year to year

That mortgage is your coffin, the funeral, your life

Hope was all that was left, and you sold it to pay the bill

Want to know a secret? Just run away… it’ll be there when you get back

Forget it all, light a match – watch your prison burn

Great things rise from the ashes of what we let go

Chase your dreams, before your only dream… is to be free


“This Curse”

I push, I shove – the ones closest

Any good thing that comes, I end it

Revel in my loneliness, call it escape?

Depression is a sixth sense, a scalding blood in my veins

Scream! No one hears – deaf ears

I call it, a curse… 

It’s just who I am. 


Nothing good can ever last – so I just enjoy it while it’s here

Like a high, it comes and goes, until the next time

Bahh, no humbug – I’m no Grinch, no, just alone

Every word I hear – I remember the who, when, and where

This is the observer, cursed to always just be



“Gift an Angel”

An anvil on my heart, a heavy burden of hurt

Highway collision, left only with broken pieces

Caution tape, on one side lies another’s fate

Carnage and tears, a waterfall of emotion for the families

Black tie, black suit, a closed coffin of memories remains

Gift an angel, earth has done so today for heaven