“Until next time”

Miss almond eyes, 

Thanks for the good vibes

Cloud mountain soul sista 

This shy boy, is gonna miss ya 


Boys, be brave, speak

I told a woman I thought she was cute, and she smiled. Yea, it’s not out of this world amazing, and I’m sure a million girls were told they were some type of wonderful this weekend by a boy who wanted to kiss her, but this weekend, I told a girl, and she smiled. 

Brace the uncomfortable, it’s not meant to be easy. I never, and I mean ever, tell women I’m interested in them. Growing up I have always been a shy guy, keeping to myself, better at one-on-ones, and it hit me this weekend… just go for it, just say what you want to say, and hey, it may just be right. Who’d a thunk it? 
Breath. Things will be ok. Not everyone is going to be a glowing example of positivity when you do this. That’s ok, we aren’t all meant to get along with each other. Not everyone is compatiable, and that happens. A no, is just another way of finding out someone is wrong for you. Guys, it’s ok, get rejected, you’ll thank me later. 
Believe in yourself. You may sound funny, or think you don’t look so great, but so does a lot of other people, and guess what, they are trying to do there best. Without communication, or effort, we will never see what those ‘maybe’ moments could have been. Why regret later that you didn’t say “hey, look, I saw you the other night with our friends and was having a hard time looking away…. you’re so cute, I just had to tell you that.” 
Sometimes, those stuttering words can be the ice breaker to a great conversation, a new friend, or a memorable moment. Speak up, give failure a chance, because without risking it, you’ll always be comfortable. The exciting stuff doesn’t find you when you’re sitting on a couch or playing video games all day, it’s at a bonfire by the lake, or on the hillside star gazing, or at a Bar-B-Q with friends when that uncomfortable situation shows itself. Embrace the challenge, face your fear, she’s only one girl, you won’t know until you do. Give it a chance, find peace in knowing what those ‘what ifs’ could have been from now on.


a shy poet


Maybe, I am just a normal man

With eyes that see the good in every one 

Hoping to inspire them to chase their plan

Lending support, so their race can be won

Maybe, I am the shepherd, leading sheep to water

Giving, teaching, that we are all the same

For every person deserves a taste of victory

When defeat is all they have known

Maybe, I am insignificant, a spec of stardust

Lost in the universe, far from the Galaxy I was made in

Passing on my shine, to those who need it

So they can be the sun, for the sheep that need a shepherd 

“Eve of Change”

Fall is approaching, autumn leaves are floating, lawns littered orange, yellow, and red, celebrating the living and the dead, time for scarfs and jackets, trick or treat and ghostly racket, wind chills and pumpkin carving, corn stalks for mazes and harvesting; and the most wonderful thing of all, the beauty of nature that is,   fall

Note: this is a repost from 2013.

“The struggles”

Timber, it all came crashing down

A tidal wave of pressure,

Like a New York intersection at rush hour

Holding onto the wheel, searching for the power

Clinging to hope, that this rain cloud would pass

These bad days, they wouldn’t last

Darkest before the light, is what they say

Wonder if depression, works that way? 

Go to sleep calm, wake up manic

See the sun shine, and wash off the panic

Dressed for the job, find the mask for today

Fake it until you make it, the American way 

“Depth of depression”

Drowning, a soul cycling Dante’s Inferno

Cursed and tormented by every decision

Never right, nothing done correct; rejected

Sticks and stones, heartbreak and anomic 

Around, the world spins on, a circus life we live

Snap, chat, click, tap, a social norm of 10 seconds, no more

Behind a glass shell, freedom sits chained 

“O’look at the time”

Sedated, the mundane days bleed into the weekends

Satire keeps the regulars around, until the clock tick tock’s around

Twelve, the shell of a night, where was I going? No where

Dry pages beneath cracking finger tips, shift from lazy to a stampede

Moon light was the adrenaline for the imagination to wisp awake

Owls, stars, bats, and bars; the night life was as offbeat as I

Fly Marty, aint nothing left but to try, but remember, eighty-eight!

O’look at the time, I’m late again; my friend, forgive me, I must be gone





Summer Thoughts

A trip, a drip, a slip, all the things one can hope for in the California sun. A wave, a high, a purpose, a difference. Shutting one door, and opening another. 

Exactly what has to be, or it shall continue to be routine. Smothering, hovering, covering, fluttering, and far from ideal. It’s crowded in a  way that is no way fun or helpful to find success in pursuit of your dreams. Regardless of the lust that satisfies the fantasies, dreams are made from the seeds planted, not the harvest we take from them.

Summer comes three, hopingly, four months of the year here. In the west, clouds cannot suppress the shine Cali comes with. Sunday’s that will saturate your instincts, sedating the senses, to believing the grass is greener where you are not.