“O’look at the time”

Sedated, the mundane days bleed into the weekends

Satire keeps the regulars around, until the clock tick tock’s around



“Whispers” is a short poem. Written from the perspective of a bystander watching a couple whispering before a kiss.


Falling feather free hand poem of a memory I was reminded of by the end of a dream. Some people will always have a place in your mind.


“the fool”

Only a fool falls for pure intentions…



“Stitches” is a short poem written during a moment of anxiety. Sitting on my bed, trying to calm myself, I wrote this in hopes to get things off my mind.



“pieces” is a poem written for someone close to me, who meant a great deal to me. Enjoy.


“the Childhood Dreams”

Short poem called “the Childhood dreams” reminiscing on a time when I was younger, and how I saw the world.