About the Blog:

This word press is dedicated to the collection of writings by James M. Fristik IV. As years have gone by, I have written hundreds of poems, short stories, sonnets, and other various pieces. Between note books and blogs I have lost passwords to, I am working on bringing all writings I have to one central place for others to read, critique, and hopefully enjoy.

As a hobby writer, I sing no praise for my work. I only hope that I continue to better my skills and enhance the vocabulary that I have been working with. My thought on how I write is that everyone may interpret it differently. Every piece is a reflection of my thoughts and imagination.

James Fristik IV          About Me:

My name is James M. Fristik IV. I was born a Virgo, and am 24 years old. Currently residing in a small town of Pennsylvania, where the country surrounds me. Nature is a big part of my creative niche, it has lent inspiration when writer’s block was all I could see. 

Writing for me has been an outlet since I was ten years old. Between journals, notebooks, napkins, and now the computer, I have written over one thousand pieces.


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