“Pattern of a Poet”

Worth it, but never worthy enough

Try not to care, but who would believe the bluff

Stifle the pity, another fish will be

Sea of them, as it goes, this curse won’t leave me

Free to form my conclusion, its all an illusion

In this life, no better half, no final fusion

Slipping through time, all but sinking in the sands

Meditating, stuck with my face in my hands


Say it aint so, say you won’t go

No, don’t stay for me, don’t do that

Stay for yourself, stay to grow

Say goodbye, wish her the best

Tell her, “Be brave, the world is a mess

Watch, great things will come”

Her future will blossom like a new spring mum

The albatross of a poet, the foe of his pen

What a good woman will do to men





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