“that Smile”

Wake me up, I’m dreaming
Apple cheeks, nectar sweet
Light as a feather, beaming
Unbutton one, release the heat
Absent minded, innocent

Focused; I can pretend
Admiring; my only intent
“Hi,” sheesh, heart attack to fend
Breath, you baboon, say it back
Smile awkwardly, blah, faaaack
Silence of an idiot
Bridging fist to face, nope, stone cold
Bold, she looks me up and down
Shakes her head, amused
Confused, as only an absent mind can be
I shrug, what was that, rejected, fact
Unable to signal my tongue, I smile
Beaming all my thoughts in a cheesy grin
No Clooney here, just a small town boy
Looking for his way in this big world
Respect, she chuckles, probably at me
Choking out a “hi-ya” like a rejected cassette
All the energy in the room, stood there, her
She radiates with a calm aura, joyous
Never was much for church
Witnessing an angel on earth
If at all was possible, I felt this was it
Standing there, snapping out of my trance
She disappeared, while I day dreamed
Though I still felt her aura, her smile


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