“What I Am” pt.1

“What I Am” (part 1)

by James Fristik IV

I am a chemical imbalance

The heroin in your needle

The cocaine on your mirror

The nicotine between your lips


I’m the aborted reason

The mistake in your masterpiece

The forgotten face of your past

The bump in the night


I am the flaw in fate

The fear you can not face

The goal you will not accomplish

The world you won’t know


I am the tombstone of your history

The guilty pleasure you denied

The saint you always prayed to

The gentleman you will never know


I am…

The last of a dying breed. 



Author note: The last sentence, “the last of a dying breed” refers to a title produced by a late friend of mine – Michael Morgan. Rest in peace with the beats of your dreams. Amen. 


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