“You’re a mystery, miss amber eyes”


Amber eyes, surreal skies, brightened only by a smile; it’s hers

Memories shared while reminiscing, time goes so fast, it blurs

Deadlines, phone calls, a work day and I’m absent from my duty

Lost between a pen and the ink spilling casually of this beauty

Laughing like a banshee; to a moment weak when I look through your eyes

I’m waiting to be pinched, wake me up; I’m not ready for goodbyes



Shy, sincere, admirable; a respite due to my morals

Explaining a time when I was weak, your interest seems to peak

A phone call, and the all familiar conversation quarrels

Push comes to shove, a river destination; no moment bleak

Sitting by your side, listening; this is how Jack felt when he met Sally


Sew up the loose ends; I will be your teddy bear and a best friend

Pinch me, I’m dreaming, the scene a museum and you’re the gallery

Preparing the patchwork; for soon it’ll be time to mend


A falling star, searing through this life; spiraling chi

Phoenixes bursting, reincarnating, a new start to be free

Time machine, rewind me, to rewrite history

Amber eyes, you’ll always be the great mystery…

                                                                      Of what could be.

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