Kiss me Weak

“Kiss me Weak” by James Fristik IV


Press your lips to mine, feel the warmth of a morning sun shine

Close your eyes; let it be a wonderful surprise

Fingertips to skin, let your hairs tingle, enjoy this moment of sin

Hand to cheek, that dimple smile, loving this feeling makes me weak


Passion pours from the pores, like an ocean tide hitting the shore

Pressure of expectations, elating, equating, time spent waiting

Driven from our past memory, looking at couples with envy

Let it go, let the moment be; kiss me, make me weak


Bangs aside, brushing your vanilla skin against mine

Our noses touch, hoping for longevity; that it’s not just lust

Nostrils flare, lips pursed, our pulses sync

Fluttering eye lashes, a whisper, makes me weak


Give up, hesitate, turn back before it’s too late

Letting your walls down, open to heart ache

Wish on a shooting star; barrier broken, already too far

Forget it all, just do me this favor… and kiss me weak





This was a random tangent I had started writing Friday 6/07/2013. After I posted it I felt it lacked in content, and felt unfinished. From time to time I go back to poetry I have written and give it a one-over, just finding the feeling and writing with it again. This happened to be a contagious feeling that I had to finish my thoughts on.


This is an open for interpretation piece, and I would love to hear your feedback.

What are your thoughts?

What does this remind you of?

How does your life relate?


Twitter handle: @altPenguin


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