“What is Beautiful” (Original)

ImageWhat is Beautiful – the original, hand written edition.


“A whisper from an angels’ breath lifts me

Blinded by the pure intentions that insist to be

Collapsing like petals falling from its flower

A dazzling and daring sense of natural power

Overcome with bliss thoughts in a free fall

Breaking the barriers that keep up this wall

Floating in thought with the infinitude of stars at night

Incomplete, because you should be at my right

The greatest high is when I smile with you

Then the worse comes when I have to say goodbye to you

I don’t just go through the motions, I feel the emotions

I want to see your smile shine like the sun hitting the oceans

Then give you rubs, and whisper in your ear

When you shed a tear, be assured I’ll be there to hear

Beautiful is the face, eyes, and the way you say Hello

It’s the feeling of these butterflies that gets me to glow

Or staying up all night talking under the moon

Sharing memories of how time goes by too soon

If anyone has ever implied you weren’t enough that’s bull

Because to me baby, you’re the meaning of what is…




Found the original, with some edits and changes, I decided I would post it. In the past 5 or so years I was at a point that I considered changing my poems into a rap style, nothing fast, but to allow for a musical expression. I altered the above piece and extended it for a three verse track. I never did record it. A ways down on my blog you will see it outlined as an [Archive] I believe. “Poetry into Rap – What is Beautiful.”

I still enjoy my original because of how pure my feelings were when I wrote it. Imagine writing effortlessly without over thinking it, and enjoying it as if you found peace with the pen. While that may sound straight out of a stoner movie, I swear I am not joshing anyone.

Below is the picture of the original writing I kept, written on tablet paper. I am one of them people, yes, I keep things that I write. Hahah! Hope I put a smile one someone’s face today.



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