[Archive] Poetry into Rap – “What is Beautiful”

“What is Beautiful?”
Written by James M. Fristik IV

[Revised to a verse style]

1 I’ve been asked this question so many times
2 When it’s spoken its like the perfect rhymes
3 Beauty is all the pieces of a puzzle of different things
4 Without the right pieces angels wouldn’t have wings
5 An imperfection is another way to point out my affection
6 Barely scrape the edge and already screaming rejection
7 Stop, hold up, let me see that smile again Girl
8 You stay grinding and I’ll throw your world for a twirl
9 I’m just looking to curl up next to ya, and give you some love
10 The way I see it is we’ll make it crazy and get the most of
11 Whatever is to come, I’m not looking at you dumb
12 Give me some rum and baby all I’ll call you yum-yum
13 Sweet lips like candy, girl god damn-me
14 You got me rockin’ like high proof brandy
15 I love a girl that’ll dance just cause she can
16 A girl who’ll call me and tell her friends I’m the man

1 She’s in her own world but she loves to see me
2 One on one my girl gets the full romance of her M.C.
3 Every day is a special one, I live life to the max
4 I’m yelling now, if your out their, listen to the facts
5 Roses aren’t her favorite, and a kiss is her first word
6 Anything but my honey is seen as absurd
7 I like to give her rubs, and whisper in her ear
8 When she sheds a tear, she knows I’m there to hear
9 Roses aren’t her favorite, and a kiss is her first word
10 Anything but my honey is seen as absurd
11 I want to caress you girl, I want to show you the moon
12 Tell you how the last twenty years went by too soon
13 I’ll tell you the way I was raised, how I saw my mother cheat
14 How it made my father weep, and showed me what was deceit
15 Where my path was created, and why I have waited
16 To share this all with the one in which I am dated

1 Beautiful is the memories that we will share
2 The air that we breath, and the way that you stare
3 It is the unexplainable entity that brings us together
4 And the hope that our passion will last forever
5 Beautiful is the face, eyes, and the way you say hello
6 It’s the feeling of these butterflies that gets me to glow
7 This is how I express myself girl and I want you to know
8 I might be trippin on some cupid arrow shot froma bow
9 I’ll treat you right girl, feel you for real
10 My love is poetic, cause a heart doesn’t heal
11 I don’t just go through the motions, I feel the emotions
12 I wanna see your smile shine like the sun hittin the oceans
13 This is how I know, cause you got me saying whoa
14 When I look at this flow, I just wanna grab you and go!
15 If anyone has ever implied you weren’t enough, that’s bull
16 Because to me baby you’re the meaning of what is beautiful


Originally posted on a blog of mine, March 2nd, 2009. “What is Beautiful” Poetry into Rap


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