[Archive] “Beyond the Limits”

Lurking under his black top hat,
Trenchcoat that fell past his back,
He walked with nimbleness like a cat,
Always dressed head to toe in black,
Whose steps are quiet with a creep,
Hiding eyes behind a mirror wall,
“Trip on through to a realm far out deep,
See the streaming conscious hall,
Images surreal and hard to feel,
Experience is the only for sure deal,
Wounds will fade and soon heal,
In this world we roll on like a wheel,
Never a moment dull nor will a tear fall,
Phones don’t ring so you don’t miss a call,
People forget and forgive yet never miss,
For times of love we steal just one kiss,
In this world nothing is sacred or ever lost,
The day is today and there is not a cost,
So smile big and and hold up a cup to toast,
Tonight we’ll watch the stars from coast to coast.”


Originally posted on Poetry.com 


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