[Archive] “A Circle of Events”


A sunflower lies lazily in the baking sun
Bumblebees buzz and dance with mindless fun
Clouds circle but drift over head, like white smoke
Dry it is so the shadows provide us our cloak
Every individual piece of nature is moving
Daisies lazily move with the breeze; swaying
Animals play in the grass tackling and tumbling
In the near distance a dark cloud is grumbling
As the sun blazes in our summer dazes
Being free in this spirit; grooving phases


Tearing tree tops on the spot; we’ve been caught
Lights out, silence is about, writing is the thought
Where is the world when all goes pitch black?
Doin’ dirty deeds, watchin’ the earth bleed, no lookin’ back
A shadow gradually takes my concentration
Demons feed my inner desires with temptation
Is it fate or just hate that the devil creates?
Lack of the guidance of light, what people have to desecrate
Consumed by the darkest horns of the moon
Never thought I’d go to the other side so soon


Beating my cranium off the wall until I fall
Torn in the long haul, I’m confused as I crawl
Where the fuck is this God we call out to?
Where is the one I should be calling my boo?
Left alone an’ empty with no answers to know of
Raising my hands to the skies I ask what is above
Was raised to care and show a woman love
Now I’m thinking I’ll always just be a scrub
Instead of that one knight in shining armor
I’ll be resting in my grave because of my karma


Dreams are fantasies that just seem surreal
It’s the emotions we hide that are for real
The built up frustration and pure thoughts that roam
Ambiguous untold thoughts that dwell in our dome
To caress and say was blessed to share the unknown
My fists are clenched but I know I have grown
Other wise I’d be dead from snortin’ pills
Kicking it with homies and partying for shills
Now I’m making my path to my own destiny
So tell me now if your ready for the journey


Written on a blog, Monday April 19, 2010 – “A Circle of Events” 


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